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Classic Car Transport Services

You've reached, for all your needs for classic vehicles transport. We service a number of different areas in and around United States including classic car transport to New York, Los Angeles, Houston, and many more destinations. Read on below, or click our Classic car transport quote below.

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How long it takes to transport your classic car? How long it takes to transport your classic car? How long it takes to transport your classic car?

Transit Times

All departures are Thursday every week. But your vehicle needs to be at the appropriate terminal by Tuesday noon the latest. Times vary between 6 - 10 days, based on departure and weather conditions.

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Reach out to us with any questions regarding your Classic car transport move. Give us a call directly 877-234-SHIP (7447) or send us an email. You can even fill out our online Classic car shipping quote form.

What makes Fidelity Auto Shipping different from the rest? What makes us different from the rest? What makes Fidelity Auto Shipping different from the rest?

Extensive Knowledge

Fidelity Auto Shipping has what it takes to get your car move completed with over 2 decades of national and international experience. We work with Fortune 500 companies and consumers alike to provide outstanding customer service and reliability.

How am I updated during the classic auto transport process? How am I updated during the classic auto transport process? How am I updated during the classic auto transport process?

Keep it in the loop

We have special designated staff to make sure you are well aware of all that's going on for your vehicle transport. We will update you throughout the whole classic car shipping process.


What do I need to know about the services offered by Classic Car Shipping Services?

Reading below you'll find the most common questions, further on however there is more detailed information and our FAQs list.

What are the costs?

Our prices are all inclusive of Fuel Surcharges, Tolls, Taxes, and Insurance. We believe here at Classic Car Transport Services that an upfront price will yield outstanding results. Whether auto shipping from or to USA, we will quote you from the origin.

Service Areas

When transporting your classic automobile to and from United States, there are certain areas that are unreachable. The most common routes we encounter are Miami to New York, Dallas, TX, and from Los Angeles CA to Seattle WA. But that doesn't mean we're limited soletly to those areas. Please fill out our Classic Car Transport Quote form to see what we can do for you.

How to get a classic vehicle transport quote?

To get a classic car transport quote simply fill out our shipping quote button below or give us a call directly at 877-234-SHIP (7447). One of our representatives would be happy to get you a quote to transport your classic vehicle.

Get a Classic Car Shipping Quote

How to book your Classic Vehicle ShipmentThree simple steps

  • Step 1

    Call us directly, or fill out our classic car transport quote to receive a quote from us. We can ship your classic vehicle anywhere in the USA to anywhere in the world.
  • Step 2

    Like the price and the service so far? Book the order with us so we can get you scheduled. Our representatives will work with you to schedule your classic auto transport move. We will send you some paperwork to complete after the booking.
  • Step 3

    Send us back the documents for the booking and we'll have you all taken care of. That's it! Easy right? Scheduling your classic car transport to and from USA has never been easier!
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  • Frequently Asked Questions
    If you have any questions not covered by the most common below, please contact us with regards to your classic car shipping to and from United States.
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Frequently asked questions about classic vehicle transport services.

  • Is my classic vehicle shipment insured? +

    Your automobile is covered 100% during transport. All of our carriers retain a minimum $150,000 motor truck cargo policy, and a basic $1 mil liability policy. As well to assure absolutely no negligence, the deductible falls onto the carrier rather than the customer. So the drivers want to utilize absolute safety when transporting your vehicle anywhere in the US.
  • Can you give me an exact time for my classic vehicle transport pick up/delivery? +

    Everything in the vehicle transport business is affected by uncontrollable variables. Things, for example, climate conditions, mechanical malfunctions, or even other customers can have an influence on the aggregate travel time of your classic vehicle. Case in point, if the climate is terrible, generally our sailings will pull aside as opposed to cruise through the harsh waters and endanger the freight. In an effort to mitigate stress on our clients we will cite the surmised travel time as opposed to a precise date and time.
  • My classic vehicle does not run but I need to transport, can you transport inoperable vehicles? +

    If your vehicle rolls, brakes, and steers we will readily send your inoperable vehicle for an extra charge. As every vehicle's situation is distinctive, we will require you to call us with further details and an explanation to focus the most ideal method for taking care of your inoperable vehicle.
  • Is my vehicle going to freeze when it's transported to cold places? +

    Make sure to top off all of your fluids and make sure you have anti-freeze in the vehicle, especially if you are coming from a warmer climate.
  • Can I ship my classic Motorcycle? +

    Yes we can definitely assist you with this. We prefer to crate the motorcycle to assure safety. We will need the dimensions and weight of your classic motorcycle to accurately quote the move. If you have a skid palette this will help as well.
  • How is payment made for my auto transport service? +

    Like all intercontinental and transhipment companies, we require full payment prior to sailing. This is to avoid and hindrance to the progress of the vehicle transport. All of our carriers are paid upon completion of the job, however to assure timely payment, we require payment in full upon receipt of the contract for service signed by the customer for any intercontinental transport.
  • My windshield is cracked/chipped, can I still ship it with you? +

    We won't oblige you to get your windshield repaired/replaced. We do ask that you remember that if your windshield does ship with a break or a chip that it may worsen over the shipment because of fluctuating temperatures and weight. Unfortunately due to these circumstances Fidelity Auto Shipping and its agents are not in charge of repairing windshields that ship in harmed condition for simply that reason.
  • Am I allowed to transport my classic vehicle with firearms inside? +

    No. Government Laws restrict the shipping of guns by anybody other than a Federally Licensed Gun Dealer. We request that you call a legal authorized Gun Dealer.
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